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As an ISO certified company, we provide a concrete admixture, dry powders, and other concrete related products to serve the various needs of our market and regional markets.

We are committed to provide high quality products at a reasonable price with an excellent customer service.

We want to leave a positive heritage and we respectfully value our environment and our community.


We want to offer our customers the best service in the industry and to be praised as a fair partner with high values and unwilling to compromise on quality of services and products.

Our Team

Concrete Technology Products has a team of professional specialists who inspire practical and creative industrial construction and rehabilitation solutions. Built on over fifteen years of innovative leadership, Concrete Technology Company holds a singular focus to provide solutions that meet the ever-increasing demands of modern industrial construction. Professionals in the industrial, infrastructure, and commercial industries depend on our product solutions every day. Concrete Technology Company team provides a comprehensive support system including technical, specification and customer support. Customers can be confident they will be supported every step of the way with super expert technical service.

Quality Policy and Certification


Concrete Technology Company is Proud to be ISO 9001 - 2015 Certified:

Concrete Technology Company goal is to continuously improve the quality of our products and services in order to meet the needs of our customers and other interested parties. We insist that this goal be achieved in a professional and ethical manner.

Each employee is responsible and accountable for the quality of his/her work and we favor suppliers who have outstanding quality assurance programs.

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