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Eng. Anwar Saati
General Manager
Mobile: 00962 791024128
E-mail: anwar@kingdomconcrete.jo

Eng. Reeham Al-Manaseer
Marketing / Specification Engineer
Mobile: 00962 791024202
E-mail: r.almanaseer@kingdomconcrete.jo

Eng. Ahmad Abu-Eisa
Technical Sales Engineer CE
Mobile: 00962 790227180
E-mail: a.abueisa@kingdomconcrete.jo

Eng. Heba Al-Mimah
Technical Sales Engineer ME
Mobile: 00962 790285613
E-mail: h.mimah@kingdomconcrete.jo

Main Offices

Bayadir Wadi El-Seer Amman
Mobile: 00962 791024128
Fax: 00962 5818177
P.O.Box: 852621 Amman 11185 Jordan

Our Factory:
AL Qastal – Industrial City
Mobile: 00962 791024388
Fax: 00962 4711392

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