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Tradecc founded in 1969, it is a leader in Carbon Fiber Strengthening using laminates to increase the bending strength of structural elements and textiles for the shear strengthening of constructions.
Kryton takes the risk out of waterproofing. Since being founded in 1973 Only Kryton has proprietary Krystol crystalline technology that has unmatched waterproofing performance and history. In fact, Kryton invented and pioneered the Crystalline Admixture and is the only company with proven long term performance.
Maris Polymers is an independed, privately owned Polyurethane systems house and one of the leading European specialist in polyurethane liquid applied waterproofing products and cold curing polyurethane resins for the Construction Industry.
Poly Carboxylates
PDF icon AdCon PC 500.pdf6.23 MB
PDF icon AdCon PC 600.pdf6.28 MB
Liquid integral waterproof
AdCon Block efficient
PDF icon AdCon Block efficient6.02 MB
AdCon SP 500M
PDF icon AdCon SP 500M5.58 MB
AdCon SP 500
PDF icon AdCon SP 5005.58 MB
AdCon SP 400
PDF icon AdCon SP 4006.46 MB
AdCon SP 300
PDF icon AdCon SP 3006.46 MB
AdCon SP 200
PDF icon AdCon SP 2006.57 MB


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