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Concrete Technology Company (CTC) was established in 2004
as an admixture producer for the Jordanian ready-mix concrete industry.


Today, Concrete Technology Company (CTC) is a leading supplier of Concrete Admixtures & Polycarboxylates in Jordan. We have a local factory that produces admixtures, repair mortar, tile adhesives, waterproofing cementitious material…. etc.

CTC is also a regional trader & distributor for the following items & international companies:

-          Fly Ash, GGBFS, Micro Silica for concrete

-          Carbon Fiber Strengthening, supplier & applicator

-          Kryton International, Canada

-          Maris Polymer Systems, Greece

-          NanoPhos, Greece

-          Isomat, Greece

-          Steel Fibers, Dramix

We are also engaged in various applications & supervision works related to repairs of water retaining structures using Kryton systems, carbon fiber strengthening of commercial buildings, villas & factories & polyurethane waterproof coatings for roofs, foundations, carparks….etc.

Additionally, CTC`s fleet of trucks ensures that customers receive their deliveries on time anywhere in Jordan. CTC also exports products to Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon.

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