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As part of that extensive process the consultant team considered their concrete waterproofing needs, Consolidated Consultants specified Kryton solutions for all the underground parking and below grade areas and water retaining structures. Kryton’s crystalline waterproofing products not only replace the need for a membrane but increase durability and longevity of the concrete structure.
The project began by adding KIM-HS to the 1844 raft footing, pits, and 3000slabs periphery and walls using an economical method called “split method” and treating all construction joints with Krytonite™ Swelling Waterstop and Krystol Waterstop Treatment™.
As the authorized distributor of Kryton International’s for crystalline products in Amman, Jordan, Concrete Technology Company provided the support and site supervision needed to ensure nothing was overlooked.
KIM is designed to withstand hydrostatic pressure and grows increasingly effective over the lifespan of the structure.

KIM-HS; crsytalline hydrophilic waterproofing admixture was added to around 6500 m3 of Botique Hotel in Porto Dead Sea sub-structure concrete.

Portp Dead Sea is located in the most aggressive area worlwide & KIM-HS was a good solution to resist water permeability & to reduced the corrosion speed.  

KIM-HS with it`s unique hydrophilic crystalline technology works as internal waterproofing admixture for concrete structures. 

Le Grey Hotel retaining walls & watertanks were protected by KIM-HS admixture.  


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